Swimming pool in Montjoi

Enjoy an incredible and enjoyable bath in Cala Montjoi. An unforgettable date for you and your entire family. Enchanting and pleasant

This is one of our excursions and exits from which the most satisfaction is produced to our customers. After a walk along the coast until reaching Cala Montjoi, we anchored in a buoy where we stopped engines and ...

For about 30 minutes (we are always short of time), customers who want it can swim in these crystalline waters.

A luxury for the senses, and a pleasure for our bathers. It is incredible that a simple bathroom produces a sense of freedom and well-being in our clients that we did not achieve with another type of more complex activity.

We are proud to be able to convey to so many people the intoxicating peace and the hypnotic welfare they manifest in bathing in these magical waters.

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